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Answers For USB Delivery of Images

Yesterday, I posted an Instagram shot of some new USB memory sticks for client delivery (mainly weddings and commercial shoots). The response was surprisingly overwhelming on Twitter, Facebook, and via email. So instead of trying to respond to each comment or email, I figured I would just make a quick blog post.

Scott Piner USB Delivery

I picked these up from USB Memory Direct and they are the 4GB SWM style. I actually sweated the style as there were really too many choices. Cap? Capless? Plastic? Metal? Wood? It was crazy. The SWM feels a little rubberized with the steel surface for the logo. And I figured a lost cap may be seen as “incomplete” or “broken” so I opted for capless.

USB Memory Direct uses top of the line Tier 1 memory with a lifetime warranty so there’s definitely a cost for that. And their customer service was amazing. I worked with one person who sent me a few mockups which I adjusted until it was dialed in with the style, size, color, and logo. The standard turnaround time is 5-7 days so these really can be ordered in a pinch. For comparison, I think my custom discs I had been using had a turnaround of 2 weeks.

The write speed is slower than USB 2.0. I figured I would be the only one writing data to the drive so the slower write speed is not really an issue for me. The read speed, however, is quite nice…more like USB 2.0. Pulling files off of these drives is sooo much faster than waiting for a disc to load and spin up. I think clients will love this.

I have been using the drives for about a month now. They actually arrived just in time for delivery of a private dinner shoot for the co-founder of a certain company which had a fascinating IPO. Needless to say, I was pretty happy to use the USB option rather than 15-year old disc-burning technology for that shoot. I am digging these memory sticks so far…probably because they are new, not many are using USB delivery yet (the “Wow!” factor), and I simply have an aversion to burning discs. These should ultimately be a better product for the client as the data can be retrieved much faster than via disc and the memory sticks offer a much longer shelf life than CDs or DVDs.

So, I think that answered all of the questions. If not, please feel free to post a comment below.

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