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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Merry Christmas!

So this is our first Christmas with Nola and it is everything that I had hoped it would be. I am so thankful & grateful for my wonderful wife Donna & our precious Nola Faye. I hope that God blesses you during this season and into 2010. Merry Christmas!

Scott Piner Wilmington NC Photographers

Scott Piner Wilmington NC Photographers

Nola & Her Freedom

So Nola has been doing this thing with her fist ever since day one, really. I remember walking by her bassinet and the only part of her body I could see was her clenched fist raising straight up in the air. That’s pretty much when we knew we had a little Joan of Arc on our hands.

She’s been very funny with her “freedom fist pump” of sorts over the past five months and below is a little more of it in action. Now she isn’t being defiant during the photo session or anything…it’s just something she starts doing from time to time. Daddy’s little girl, indeed. So funny!

Scott Piner NYC Wedding Photographers

Wilmington NC Help-Portrait

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of working beside some very talented people who came together to give pictures to the local community. I truly had amazing time giving photos & watching people smile. Special thanks go out to:

Kevin deLeon did an amazing leading the Wilmington NC Help-Portrait group. Big Kudos to you, Kevin.
Scott at the Good Shepherd Center for allowing us to setup shop for the day.
Richard Rogers owner of Image Finishers for donating 2 5×7 prints for each person that was photographed.
John Cranford at Image Finishers for coming in on Sunday to make the prints.

Some behind the scenes images

WECT-TV 6 story + video

Wilmington NC Help-Portrait site

Main Help-Portrait site

Scott Piner NC Wedding Photographer