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New Web Site

I launched my new site over the weekend. The new site will include the blog so this will be my last post here. This site will remain up as an archive. So head on over to and take a look.

Scott Piner Wilmington NC Photographer

Family Album, October 2012

Here are some pics from this past October. I am getting caught up on all our family pictures. The first several are of my birthday dinner. It was early October, the weather was wonderful, so we took the opportunity to mark my birthday with some photos. As you can see, Beast is Nola’s faithful companion. And my special treat was a homemade ice cream brownie. The sprinkles were a special touch added by Nola.

Later on in the month, we hit the favorite local pumpkin patch at the Wesley Memorial Church. Donna’s sister, Halley, joined us. This has become a tradition, for certain.

And then, there is Halloween. My mother-in-law made the Belle dress for Nola and I became the Beast. Pretty easy since I already had the beard. Donna just tied a yellow Old Navy scarf around my waist and glued some felt ears to a head band and my costume was complete. Earlier in the day, Nola made her treat bag with some glitter glue and her favorite images from the movie. Several months later, that treat bag is still a treasured item!

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Family Album, Fall Trip 2012, Part 2

Our second day started off at Historic Johnson Farm which is an education center owned by Henderson County Public Schools. It is a quiet and idyll homestead with a small trail and livestock. We were the only ones there and Nola enjoyed having free reign to explore. After that, we took a scenic drive through the North Mills River Recreation Area. It is such a pretty area, with lots of farmland nestled in between mountains. We then ended the afternoon in Flat Rock, NC at the Carl Sandburg Home. We had no idea there were so many hiking trails there, or we would have devoted the whole day to exploring. But we packed in as much as we could. We hiked a good bit and then spent the rest of the time with the goats! Nola had a blast and the scenery was beautiful. We then had dinner at the Hubba Hubba Smokehouse. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect, complete with a farmer’s market in the parking lot and a big, outdoor stone fireplace…Flat Rock, NC is a very charming place, by the way.

We had read in a pamphlet about the weekly Silvermont Thursday Night Mountain Music Jam Session at the Silvermont Mansion in Brevard NC, AKA Silvermont Senior Center. So we decided to go and see what it was all about. I think everyone in attendance was a local, besides us and another couple who was staying at a local campground. It was cool to experience their culture…not to mention we are bluegrass fans and Nola is one in the making.

For our final day in the mountains, we attempted to hike some trails in Pisgah National Forest. But besides a quick stop at Sliding Rock, all the other trail pull-outs had zero parking…evidently everyone had the same idea as us. So, we decided to head towards the Blue Ridge Parkway to hike Graveyard Fields Trail. We attempted this once when Nola was about 15 months old. But the weather turned sour on us and we headed back before we finished. So, this time, we were determined to finish and see the “last” waterfall on the trail. The first half of the trail was great, but then many areas became almost impassable and the trailheads were not very well marked. The worst part was we couldn’t even get a decent glimpse of the waterfall at the end. I have to say, we were all glad when we made it back to the parking lot on this one. We were muddy and tired but we wanted to spend the last evening in downtown Hendersonville NC. We ate at a local pub and then went “Bearfootin’ in Hendersonville” which is the annual public art display featuring the crazy popular bear statues. Nola loved this! We picked up the map at the visitor’s center, gave her a crayon, and off she went on a scavenger hunt. Of course, she had to ride the coin-operated horse in front of A Piece of the Pie. She had an absolute blast…who needs Disney World, ha!

The morning we left, we swung by the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club located in the Hendersonville NC train depot at the corner of 7th Ave. and Maple Street. We were all fascinated by the models and probably could have spent a good hour or two watching the different trains and ooahing and ahhing over all the intricate, tiny details. But we kept to the schedule….we left in time to have lunch with good friends in Charlotte and to take a scenic drive through the Uwharrie National Forest. Donna and I love seeing parts of North Carolina we have never seen before. We made it to Raleigh before dark, spent the night, and then ended our Fall vacation at the North Carolina State Fair!

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Family Album, Fall Trip 2012, Part 1

This past October, we took our annual Fall trip to the mountains. We stayed in Hendersonville, NC which was a first for us. We usually stop in the Hendersonville area for apple picking but decided this time to make it our destination. We weren’t disappointed and I have to say we enjoyed the shorter drive! We found a cozy cabin on VRBO that suited us perfectly. On our first day, we visited Sky Top Orchard. We were happy to find that it was perfect timing for our favorite apple, the Pink Lady, to be picked. Later on, we drove to Saluda, NC and Donna loved its charming downtown. While there, we hiked Pearsons Falls. There was a small fee but we found it to be well worth it. The leaves were amazing! Needless to say, after all that hiking, we were starving and stumbled upon a quaint restaurant, Green River BBQ. I have to say, “yum”. But we weren’t done yet! Down below are some images from Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park, which is located a few minutes from downtown Hendersonville. We got there just in time for the sunset!

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